Our planet is limited, and the protection of the environment is everyone’s task. The storage of waste is a real threat to the environment, a diffuse threat, whose responsibility is difficult to pin down. For this reason, it must become a true commitment to ourselves and future generations, to store them with the highest possible level of security
Geomembranes are impermeable polymeric sheets and constitute the most significant group within geosynthetics.
• Geomembranes for environmental protection: such as landfills and landfill seals for the storage and encapsulation of domestic, industrial and mining waste.
• Geomembranes intended for Waterproofing: in the water sector where high responsibility applications are involved due to being a scarce commodity, such as water rafts for irrigation, canalization and water treatment.
• Geomembranes for use in mining: providing solutions in all mining applications that require Safe Containment, such as leach pads, tailings dams, and mine closures or sealings.
Solutions offered by Geomembranes
products meet the most demanding standards worldwide, making available to its customers the highest efficiency that technology allows today, to obtain maximum performance.
manufactures the same geomembrane, with the same properties, characteristics and finish in each of its manufacturing plants, which is why it offers the same product globally